Trips are inclusive of all equipment including flies. You are certainly welcome to use your own equipment and flies if you wish. In the event that your boots and waders have been in-stream within the last 30 days, do let us know where you fished prior to wearing them in the waters of Hector lake.

 Hector Lake
                                                        Nakoda Lodge      <>       Rainbow Trout

From our operations base at Nakoda Lodge on Hector Lake, Mountain Fly-fishers is pleased to offer the very best in introductory Fly-fishing experiences for individuals, couples, families and various types of groups. Our programs range from simple introductory casting and fishing programs to comprehensive destination trips inclusive of casting, fly-tying and a full range of fly-fishing experiences on the flowing waters of the frontal ranges, beaver dams, as well as unique heli-fishing experiences.

 •Sight-cast to large Rainbow trout • learn to cast • lengthen your cast • improve accuracy

 •Prices are per boat (max 2 adults), includes all equipment as required and flies

 •Refreshments and snack or lunch included in 3 & 5 hour programs

 •Private Casting Instruction Programs available and fully customizable to suit your schedule.
 •Prices are based on 2 participants

Get it wet (2.5 hours) $300.00 CAD


This program is designed with the beginner in mind or for those who want to seriously improve their skills. Yes you could also purchase this trip as a very quick get-away fishing outing if you are pressed for time.



Hatch Hunt (4 hours) $400.00 CAD


An ideal trip if you can only get away for a relatively short time. Chief Hector offers very consistent and predictable dry fly hatches virtually all day long, we will assure you take advantage of these.


The Eagle (6 hours) $500.00 CAD


Whether beginner or advanced Fly-fisher this time spent on the waters of Chief Hector surrounded by the best views of the Rockies will definitely have a rejuvenating effect on you, and like the Eagle your movements while purposeful will become effortless. I assure you your casting and fishing ability will improve to a point of effortless success.

 Upper Bow River Float Trips
 Canmore <> Brown Trout
 The Upper Bow River (UBR) in the Canmore area is Wild and tough the way a Brown Trout stream should be. 
 Straight up - Fished on her terms the Upper Bow will yield wild Brown Trout in good numbers and size, fished on your terms 
you might well leave thinking, "That river has no fish". Technically demanding this river fishes best in low light, so overcast 
days are spectacular and sundown on any day is a must and more often than not bright sunny blue sky days on the UBR are 
just great days to be outside. Make no mistake this is a Brown Trout river through and through and in that fact alone it is "different".

 A genuine glacial river, the Upper pushes large volumes of water has huge meanders which create serious undercut banks (wicked habitat for bruisers) and monster log jams, widow-makers and sweepers. Hatches tend to be prolific and the river is definitely a good dry fly river. In my opinion the fly-fisher who learns to fish the UBR will master any flowing trout water in North America. 

 This is a big river that is as persnickety as a small chalk stream might be. 
Primary presentations for success - Streamers and hatch matched Dry fly fishing, selective Nymph presentations (continuous deep "Nymphing on the drift will be expensive in lost flies) will also prove successful. Float Trips Trips accommodate 2 participants per drift boat

             Half Day Float: (5 hours) $450.00 CAD
 We prefer to sell this trip as a Sundowner, except on overcast days. The UBR is a Brown Trout river and Browns don't like bright sunny weather, or at least they dont come out and play willingly in bright sunlight. We designed this trip to be a genuine Sundowner - float through fast water with streamers in hand and then fish the slicks, flats and shaded waters hard matching the hatches.      

                                    Full Day Float:(8 hours) $575.00 CAD 
Best timing should include a Sundown finish if at all possible.
A great technical learning and fishing day. Fishing the big waters of the Upper Bow  you will learn to hunt the back channels and log jams and you will learn to fish water that you might otherwise not while discovering that much of what you think might be choice, is through the eyes of a Brown Trout perhaps a lot less than inviting.

 Lower Bow River Float Trips
 South of Calgary <> Rainbows & Browns 

 The Lower Bow River We call it "The Big Easy" The lower Bow River is defined as that section of the Bow River that flows South or downstream of the city of Calgary. A genuine Blue Ribbon fishery, it is noted by many as being one of North Americas best Trout Rivers. Do we agree? Yes we do. The "Lower" offers the fly-fisher the chance to fish to rich populations of Rainbow and Brown Trout with significant numbers of these being large fish. Primary presentations for success - The preference of most anglers on the Lower is a presentation of Strike Indicator 
followed by San Juan Worm (6 to 9 feet below indicator) followed by a dropper ranging from any number of smaller flashy nymphs such as Copper John, Flash-Back Pheasant tail (w/w'out bead), or other generally in a size 14 and much smaller. This rig is continuous lobbed upstream and dead drifted to extension then reset. Outside of key hatches we favor fishing the river aggressively with large streamers while keeping an eye out for large opportunists that are sipping casually on itinerant dries. 
 "Hopper" season is generally in August and is a ton of fun.

Float Trips Trips accommodate 2 participants per drift boat Full Day Float: (8 to 12 hours) $600.00 CAD
A long rewarding day, includes all equipment, flies, lunches, sweet treats and refreshments
 The Head Water Streams and Rivers 
 Frontal Ranges <> Cutthroat & Bull
 Secondary species: Brook and Rainbow
If ever there was water worthy of being referred to as classic wading streams Alberta's headwater streams certainly would rank among the best. Gin clear waters, prolific hatches and healthy populations of naturally reproducing wild trout combine to make near perfect Fly-fishing environments. In many cases the headwater streams are best enjoyed on a multi day trip basis, however many are within striking distance of Canmore and can be enjoyed on a day trip basis. Primary presentations for success- Great dry fly fishing opportunities abound and in many cases it is not necessary to match a hatch (however it is advisable to be prepared to do so) to be successful. Trout in the mountain streams of the Eastern slopes tend to be forgiving, hungry a lot of the time and willing to rise to a variety of attractor patterns in the absence of hatches. Don't however think its all a freebie, many of the larger fish will demand the best in presentations and fly patterns. They will test and teach you. Classic Walk &: Wade Trips Trips are based on 2 participants Full Day Trips: (8 hours or longer) $650.00 CAD
A long rewarding day, includes all equipment, flies, lunches, sweet treats and refreshments
 Multi Day Destination & Camp Trips Cutthroat Rainbow, Rainbow, Bull & Brook Our destination camp programs create awesome fly-fishing experiences. Trips are customized to suit your preferences and can include a variety of accommodation types including "Camp accommodation" which can be tent or travel trailer based. 
You are guide accompanied from beginning to end and our meals are phenomenal. Not only will you enjoy amazing fishing from sun up to sundown and learn to read the various elements of flowing waters, you will have the option to learn the basics of fly tying. Our focus will be on your learning one or more patterns relevant to hatches that are occurring. We plan on you catching fish with a fly you tied -Seriously! Livingstone & Oldman Rivers 2night/3day (2 participants) $1800.00 CAD

 Add participants to maximum of 2 additional Add: *$250.00/person 
Camp programs are fully customizable, ask about our destination packages inclusive of 2 nights hotel based and 2 nights camp based