Our guns are chronographed and set at 260 FPS (feet per second) as our standard. Ball speeds is customizable to accommodate more seasoned players who want more accuracy, distance and a harder hit. This is done on a per group request basis. Maximum legal speed for paintball gaming is 300 FPS.

All paintball guns can be turned up to shoot at this legal limit.

Failure to comply with any of the following will result in immediate loss of game privileges and possible barring from the site for future gaming.


Mountain Paintball provides all paintball guns (markers) calibrated to generate shooting velocities not exceeding 300 feet per second, tampering with the velocity control mechanism is not acceptable.


Players wishing to use their own paintball guns will have their guns Chronographed and adjusted as necessary, in the event that your gun cannot be adjusted to shoot at speeds lower than 300 feet per second the gun will not be usable in game play. Tampering with the velocity setting of your gun after it has been set up by MPB staff is not acceptable


Only paint-balls provided by or purchased from Mountain Paintball may be used in game play.

Safety head and eye protection provided by Mountain Paintball must be worn at all times during game play.
Players with own their own equipment will be required to wear approved safety gear per the requirements applied to
those using equipment provided.
Safety equipment must be worn at all times when on field with the exception of while in the designated safe areas.

Minimum age for game play is 12 years old, concessions will be made based on size and maturity


Field marshalls word is always final