Our guns are chronographed and are generally set between 260 & 275 FPS (feet per second) as our standard.
Ball speeds is customizable to accommodate either less or more seasoned players who want less impact or alternately more accuracy, distance and a harder hit.
This is done on a per group request basis.
Maximum legal speed for paintball gaming is 300 FPS


    Primer                                       Leisure                                      Aggressor

                       $35/per person                                   $55/per person                                     $65/per person

                      100 paintballs                                        300 paintballs                                      500 paintballs

               *1/2 hour of game time                           *1 hours of game time                     *1.5 hours of game time




                                                                                    $80/per person

                                                                                Group minimum is 10

                                                                                      750 paintballs

                                                                                *2 hour of game time


*Estimate of average time that balls included in program may last. 
As all programs are private, we allocate field time allowances based on your request at time of booking and projected ball purchases       



Extra balls: $12.00/100 balls | $55.00/500 balls | $80.00/1000 balls | $125.00/2000 balls

 Extended play time at no charge subject to availability


Gearing Up

 Barrel Upgrades
14"  /  16"

      Flatline Barrel

    Camo Pod Belt with 2 pods  
Pods are 100 ball carriers

     Extra Pods

Tippman A5 w/Response Trigger

Remote Coil, Camo Pod Belt & 2 Pods