Mountain Paintball offers high adrenaline soft adventure for groups only.
Our fast paced refereed games with multiple scenarios for game-play assure maximum engagement for all players.
Our natural field settings offer structures that blend into the surrounding foliage and forest, authenticating a "Guerilla" atmosphere
which quickly transports all players fully into the game.
Welcome to our world of "Speed Bushball"

We supply first quality gear for your gaming pleasure.
* Clean camouflage coveralls with integrated switchable color arm bands

* Anti fog safety helmet-mask combos.
* Protective vests (sorry boys, vest are for ladies).
* Tippman 98 Custom Markers (paintball guns) with Anti Chop Technology (ACT) are our standard fare.
All guns are chronographed for game play to shoot at speeds no higher than 275 fps (Max. legal for commercial field is 300fps),
Our choice of high quality balls assures true flight with less curve giving much increased accuracy.

The Sniper and the Sniped

While marker upgrades are available, our suggestion for primary upgrade is not the marker, but rather the barrel.
-Longer is definitely better-
Our preference and recommendation go for more reliability, distance & accuracy every time.