Mountain Fly-Fishers, has provided fly-fishing guiding and beginner instruction on the waters of the Canadian Rockies including the Upper & Lower Bow River, as well as the Headwater streams of the Bow Crow Forest preserve since 1985.

                We offer a wide variety of programs and trip types
Casting programs for beginners

               Distance and presentation for intermediates

        Drift Boat Based Float Trips Upper and Lower Bow River

    Walk and Wade Trips Headwater Streams and Rivers, Classic

            Multi day destination trips - Hotel or Camp based

"Having guided on the Upper Bow and area for many years I have learned to allow the Trout to dictate the day, as opposed to simply working out of my same old box, day in day out. Often the best fishing opportunities will occur in some of the most unusual and unexpected places (not all pretty either), however there are so many possible facets to a day outside in the Rockies it would be a shame to not at least make an attempt at being creative, sharing some of the spontaneous possibilities created by the Trout of the region. They (the Trout) are not restricted by the same boxes we build, and so unfortunately if we choose to ignore that, then we will have missed the essence of being a fly-fisher, not to mention often some of absolutely the best fishing to be had."   JS