Grotto Canyon - One of the many blessings of winter is Ice, at least when found on Canyon floors and walls. Sheets of seemingly meticulously polished ice covering steep walled canyon floors, offers a breathtaking otherworldly experience which can be experienced in Canmore's Grotto Canyon a mere 15 minute drive from the town. A short approach walk, requiring minimum exertion leads quickly to the Canyons mouth. At this point it is time to strap on your ice cleats, these lightweight marvels will assure you have absolute non slip security with each step. The phenomenon that creates the ice floor is a subterranean stream flow which systematically freezes and up flows over its new frozen layer and freezes again and flows again and so on, until finally the canyon floor is covered with what appears to me a man made sheet of polished ice, while continuing seeping of similar streams over and or through the limestone walls of the canyon, freeze to create spectacular sculpted flows and ice-falls of myriad shades of blue and green. Stunning is a word that comes to mind. Grotto Canyon is a completely natural setting with no manmade trappings such as pathways or handrails. Guides will provide extraordinary interpretive insights into the human and natural history of the area.
 Duration: 4 hours Price: From $72.00/per person Johnston Canyon - Just west of Canmore in Banff National Park is yet another canyon worthy of a winter walk. A robust and continuous year round flowing stream or small river,"Johnston creek", flows through Johnston canyon. Losing elevation rapidly, each plunge pool or drop in elevation creates spectacular waterfalls and misting sprays. Winter temperatures capture this hydrology and works its magic creating spectacular ice falls and ice flows. Man made walkways and railings become sheeted in ice and so it is that, equipped with lightweight ice cleats you will navigate upstream and into the canyon accompanied by your interpretive guide who will pull back the curtains so to speak, on this spectacular experience.
 Duration: 2-2.5hours Price: From $64.00/per person