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Canyon Ice Walks -Likely one of the most sought after winter activities is navigating naturally polished blue ice with secure footing assured by lightweight ice cleats that fit over your own shoes/boots in narrow steep walled Canyons. Typically one can expect to see magnificent ice falls along the way and in at least one canyon you will see remnant ancient Pictographs along canyon walls. 
Led by trained interpretive guides, these unique experiences are low impact and generally require low levels of physical output.
An otherworldly experience, should be experienced at least once.         
 From $59.00/per person

The Wild Cave Tour - A year round experience, the Canmore Caverns caving experience is a genuine "Wild Cave" Tour, meaning no electrical lighting, handrails or paved walkways. 
Year round in-cave temperature is 5 degrees C.
The Explorer Tour
: 4.5 hours Canmore return, approx. 2.5 hours underground. (Min age 10)

Adventure Tour: 6 hours, approx. 4 hours underground, Rappelling 18m plus Laundry Chute.

Participants should be in good physical condition (Min age 12)
Coveralls, Helmets with headlamps included.  From $115/per person

Ice Fishing - Not just any Ice Fishing Trip,  join the guides of Unlimited Canmore Adventures at our private lake location and enjoy the peace and tranquility, knowing that your party is one of only a couple of select groups fishing  when you are out. We control and limit the number of groups on the Ice of this spectacular 90 Acre lake and are the only guide service that can offer you the opportunity to fish here. Thirty minutes drive from Canmore on paved roads all the way, for some of Alberta's largest Rainbow Trout, only fish smaller than 20 inches will be retained for a shore lunch, or to take home for dinner, all others are released after a quick photo opp.                            From $250/per 2 people

Kite Skiing & Boarding -  Your instructors start you out with a small trainer kite and build you up to bigger kites as your skills allow, letting you progress at your own rate.

Instructors at Rocky Mountain Snow Kite are truly professional and will assure you not only learn to sailing quickly, but will also ensure you have a really good time doing it.

"We specialize in snowkiting and have all the latest and best snowkiting equipment, both new and used, for you to try or buy when you want to get your own gear. Snowkiting is a lot of fun and above all we want to share our enthusiasm for kiting with you and make sure you have a great time."      From $249/per person


Snowshoe Touring - Likely the oldest mode of over snow travel developed by people of northern climes, snow shoes provide the necessary flotation to keep you travelling over and through spectacular landscapes (snowscapes) and vast snow covered Alpine meadows,  that are often 3 feet or more in depth.  Within minutes of setting out on your incredible journey, you will discover the true meaning of the expression "the sounds of silence".
Trips vary in duration and difficulty, we will assure your experience is just right for you.
An awesome family and or group activity.  
From $72/per person


We will be adding a number of other winter products for your enjoyment in the very near future.
Ice fishing and Snowmobiling product details will be available soon.
To request a product that is not currently listed, please call our office toll free at 855-675-0973